I have been so lucky to have been brought up on the fragrant, healthy and above all delicious Sri Lankan cuisine that has been cooked by my Mum (or Ammie as we call her!).  As I’ve been growing up it surprises me that not many people are aware of the culinary delights hidden away in Sri Lankan cuisine.

Curries and South Asian sweets have too often become synonymous with the idea of being a 'tasty but naughty treat'. I want to change this perception and introduce  Sri Lankan cuisine as being something both delicious and good for you! Sri Lankan curries use a variety of roasted spices and the odd splash of coconut milk to bring out their flavour. Whilst the sweet treats use raw ingredients and natural sweeteners that make them both tasty on lips and good on the hips!

I'm going to share traditional Sri Lankan recipes my mum has taught me to cook, along with other recipes inspired by these flavours and textures. At some point in the future I want to open up my home to host my own Sri Lankan Supper Club!