Garlic & Ginger

This garlic and ginger paste is my absolute must have kitchen staple! It lasts forever and it adds the most fragrant undertones to any dish. I don't just use it for curries, for example this works great fried with mushrooms and butter for a delicious addition to brunch. 


  • 2 Parts Garlic
  • 1 Part Ginger
  • Accordingly: either coconut oil or olive oil to bind and preserve the mixture

Quite simply de-shell as many garlic cloves as you like, I usually use 6 whole bulbs of garlic so that ive got a nice amount of paste. Then skin and chop some ginger, so that you have 2/3 garlic and 1/3 ginger for your mix. Throw these all into the blender with either a little coconut oil or olive oil, which is great for creating a light smooth paste and they also act as a natural preservative. Most of the pre-blended/chopped garlic and ginger you find in shops are preserved in something vinegary which takes away the natural flavours which is not cool, so making a home made blend is definitely worth it! Once its all blended, that's it! Store in an air tight container and refrigerate.