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Beetroot Leaves (Thel Dala) Stir Fry

The first streams of sunshine bursting through what has felt like forever grey skies, has brought colour to our produce and our plates. I love seeing spring time colours adorn our dishes, piled high in vibrant greens, reds and yellows. The majestic red of beetroot has to be my favourite, but we often forget about the lush green leaves and deep red stalks that burst from beets.

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Cumin Rice

The quest to cooking the perfect rice, is a journey both immensely satisfying (when successful!) and painfully arduous (when not!). Rice is one of my absolute favourite foods ever, and I cook it pretty much all the time. Yet I have too often felt like a pendulum swinging between success and failure. I'm saving you from this balancing act, as I reckon this recipe will give you the right steer to reaching the nirvana of a well cooked bowl of rice! 

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Sri Lankan Murunga Curry

Today I bring you another wonderful vegetable to try out, one which is providing me with all the goodness to kick start my self care Sunday :) I am so keen to show you all that you don't need to fall prey to fad diets of chia seeds and juice cleanses to keep your body happy. You can enjoy a healthy life with your belly full!!!

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Sri Lankan Dhal Curry

Meat free? Say no more, this dhal curry has got you covered!

Nowadays more and more people have decided to eat less meat. Friends of mine who are recent converts are desperately trying to find ways of making their mealtimes less daunting and more exciting. And who can blame them, when the only ways people seem to do it is to steam some kale and smash an avocado... yawn!

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Cauliflower & Lentil Curry

As the seasons change, my appetite seems to change with it. No longer can my stomach handle the extra meat and stodgy fillers between meals that have kept my body so happy since winter. Spring has come and perhaps that primal instinct in me is crying out for our seasonal produce, and lots of good old veg!

I'm trying every which way possible to jazz up vegetables, and squeeze as many into one bowl as possible for a hit of nourishment, to wake up my body from the slumber of the colder season.

This dish is absolutely perfect as a fresh, filling quick dinner that can be ready in 30 minutes after work - you can thank me later!

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Coriander & Chilli

In all honesty this has only become a recent kitchen staple, however it's made a very comfortable home in our kitchen and I will definitely miss it if its gone! Coriander is one of those herbs that can overpower a dish and so it is often just used as a garnish and as a result I find that I usually end up with a wilted bunch of it lurking somewhere in my fridge. This kitchen staple is a great use of any fresh or leftover coriander you want to preserve. This paste is great for marinades or added to a curry base, I'm still finding new ways to use it in cooking. 

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