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Sri Lankan Murunga Curry

Today I bring you another wonderful vegetable to try out, one which is providing me with all the goodness to kick start my self care Sunday :) I am so keen to show you all that you don't need to fall prey to fad diets of chia seeds and juice cleanses to keep your body happy. You can enjoy a healthy life with your belly full!!!

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Lamb & Wild Rice 'One Pot' Biryani

Feeling lazy? Try this 'one pot' wild rice lamb biryani to be your saucy new date. 

Biryani is one of my absolute favourite dishes! Cooked in one pot with an infusion of different spices, it makes the mouth water from start to finish. The addition of wild rice really makes the dish into its own, where the blend of textures and slightly nutty undertones provides the perfect backdrop to bringing out the sweetness of the lamb. 

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Cauliflower & Lentil Curry

As the seasons change, my appetite seems to change with it. No longer can my stomach handle the extra meat and stodgy fillers between meals that have kept my body so happy since winter. Spring has come and perhaps that primal instinct in me is crying out for our seasonal produce, and lots of good old veg!

I'm trying every which way possible to jazz up vegetables, and squeeze as many into one bowl as possible for a hit of nourishment, to wake up my body from the slumber of the colder season.

This dish is absolutely perfect as a fresh, filling quick dinner that can be ready in 30 minutes after work - you can thank me later!

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Green Chicken Curry

This fragrant and fiery curry has really been a labour of love, where I have tweaked it so many times until I've finally got the perfect balance of flavours together to celebrate my love of chicken and coriander. 

Coriander is definitely a marmite herb - you either love it or hate it, I absolutely love it and it is wonderful to make it the star of the show than usually hiding its talents away as a garnish. 

This curry is really healthy and is such a great way to have a filling and scrummy dinner (and to go for second helpings) without feeling guilty about it!

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